Weight Loss and Blood Chemistry: Why It's Important to Know Your Numbers


The majority of people in America have struggled with staying at a healthy weight at some point in their lives. Obesity rates are sky-rocketing, but what’s to blame for this growing epidemic? Sure fast food and a culture of convenience play a part, but what if it’s more than that?

In this episode, Ed discusses some often overlooked contributing factors to weight loss. What we eat is important, but what our bodies and blood have to say can be life changing. Knowing how your body will react to the nutrients you put in is paramount to staying at a healthy weight. Join us as we teach you how to start and succeed in your weight loss journey..

"Our blood chemistry has been altered by the lifestyle that we lead, the environment that we have to be exposed to, the fact that we live under chronic stress. When you put multiple layers of all this together, it creates an implosion of efficiency so that when you eat anything it turns to body fat instead of energy." 

-Ed Jones

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