Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s: Practical Steps Towards Mental Clarity


It’s easy to forget (no pun intended) what a significant role our cognitive function plays in our overall health. It’s important to eat right, exercise daily and do our best to provide our bodies with the proper nutrients, but what does it look like to feed and exercise your brain? Are there certain supplements or activities that we should be focusing on?

In this episode Ed takes a quick look at the devastation that Alzheimer’s disease can cause, how it affects the brain, and why we’re seeing diseases more frequently in younger generations. Tune in to learn how to leverage healthy living, supplementation, and blood chemistry against the aging brain!

“There are 36 reasons, medical and physiological reasons, why we get alzheimer’s. A drug will usually only address one significant mechanism within the human body … instead of treating the body for what’s wrong, let’s feed the body for healing."

-Ed Jones

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