Problematic Prostate: Now What?


It’s an unfortunate fact that prostate glands become more problematic as we age.

This can result in urination problems, discomfort, sexual dysfunction, and even cancer. Older men carry a higher risk of of these issues, so it’s important to look at a holistic approach to prostate health even from a young age. Diet and nutrition are always at the forefront of any discussion concerning health, but there are lifestyle changes that may help reduce your risk and mitigate symptoms.

On this episode we take a candid look at this touchy subject and address common problems associated with the prostate (BPH, prostatitis, urinary) and why it’s important to understand that just because you may be experiencing some difficulty urinating, it’s not always linked to your prostate health. We talk about when men should begin taking a closer look at their prostate health and of course, natural supplements and lifestyle changes that will help promote optimal prostate health.



“Bladder issues can almost exactly mimic prostate issues. We have so many things in our life that are causing our bladder to be sensitive. There are many foods that can trigger bladder irritation.”

Brian StricklandComment