Autoimmune: 6 Steps To An Optimal Immune System


Autoimmune diseases can present some major issues for those diagnosed. They’re often difficult to understand and can present numerous symptoms that are painful and inconvenient. Our immune systems are complex and require a multi-faceted approach in order to continue to function properly, but where do we even start? What do we do if we’re already suffering from autoimmune problems?

On this episode we take a close look at how our immune systems function and what measures we can take to help strengthen our immune response. We take a look at the underlying causes of autoimmune issues, and Ed lays out a six step approach that we can all employ in our lives to help make our immune response the best it can be.



“It takes about six to ten visits to a healthcare professional before autoimmune is even suspected and it takes five years average time for an official diagnosis. 50 million Americans are now living with autoimmune issues, it did not used to be this way.”

Brian StricklandComment