Hemp Extracts and CBD feat. Straight Hemp Founder, Devin Alvarez


It’s no surprise that people have questions about hemp extracts and CBD. What is it? Where does it come from? Why is it becoming so popular now? What is it used for? Is it marijuana? is it legal? Is it effective? Where should I buy it? Does it have THC? How much should I take?

We get it. If you surf the web in search of answers, it’s not uncommon to find 50 different answers to each of these questions. It’s confusing to try to find information you can TRUST.

Well, look no further. In this episode, Ed interviews Straight Hemp founder Devin Alvarez. Devin started Straight Hemp because he wanted to provide a quality, clean product for his family and was frustrated at the lack of quality control in the hemp industry. If you have questions about whether hemp extracts might be for you, listen in!

Mentioned in this episode: www.projectcbd.org

"That’s why I founded the company. I wanted to produce the highest quality products possible and be able to bring those to my family and be assured that they were going to be good.”

-Devin Alvarez, Founder of Straight Hemp

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