The Incredible Power of Magnesium


Few nutrients play as big a role in our bodies as magnesium. Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical functions within in our body including our heart rhythm, a vital role in managing blood sugar, sleep and our stress response. Many people around the globe are walking around unaware of that they are most likely lacking sufficient amounts according to a recommended daily value. While there are many magnesium rich foods, most of us are eating insufficient amounts and need to turn to supplementation.

On this week’s episode we discuss why this mineral is so important and the role it plays in many key systems. We speak about why many of the foods we eat may not have the levels of magnesium that you may have thought and what to look for when choosing a quality magnesium supplement.



“Magnesium has the magical ability to relax things that are constricted… Some heart attacks are nothing but the heart going into a cramp and it can’t get it’s rhythm back. Magnesium significantly helps many rhythm issues.”

Brian StricklandComment