Don’t Let Chronic Pain Control Your Life


Chronic pain is epidemic and traditional treatments are causing health disasters in this country. The widespread use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are wreaking havoc on the health of many worldwide and they might not even know it’s happening. These are meant to be used for acute pain and short term use, but there are many people that are taking them every day for years. Long term use of these drugs can cause kidney damage, fluid retention, liver stress, create a higher risk of heart disease, and can cause damage to the gut.

Are there other options? YES. It’s not the norm to be walking around in pain on a daily basis. There are many habits and lifestyles that contribute to this type of pain without you even knowing it. What we eat, our activity levels, our emotions all play a role in our discomfort levels. We’re here to say that there is hope and it’s possible to live pain free. We’ll cover natural supplements and new habits that can help you on the journey to living without pain.



“The Option that conventional medicine offers is another drug to counter the side effects of the first. Over 41 years I have witnessed the DEVASTATION of many peoples health due to the use of these drugs. ”

Brian StricklandComment