Conquer Brain Fog: Clearer Thinking and More Productive Days


Have you ever struggled with a lack of mental clarity, memory trouble or an inability to focus? We’re guessing you probably have and you’re not alone. These symptoms can all point to something called brain fog, which seems to be a growing trend in our culture affecting a wide variety of demographics. We’re not talking about a deteriorating mind, but about the many toxic contributors in our life that can affect our thinking and make us feel sluggish.

On this episode we have a conversation about how brain fog might be causing you to not live at your full potential. We have an epidemic problem with concentration in our culture and there many environmental factors that are keeping us from optimal health including poor diet, chemicals in products we use every day, dehydration and lack of clean water, EMF’s and list goes on. We talk about simple things that you change in your own life for short term and long term solutions.



“We’ve all experienced brain fog, there is no doubt. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t and lack of sleep is probably the biggest reason for the brain to get foggy. I want to give a three step program here of ruling out probable causes, repair, and give long term and short term solutions.”

Brian StricklandComment