The Keto Diet: Simple, Lasting Change


Let’s not kid ourselves, we all love carbohydrates. Crispy fresh baked bread, sweet treats, chips, french fries (hungry yet?) are things almost all of us have indulged in, but sadly these things can take a seriously toll on our health and well-being. So what are we supposed to do? Eat bun-less bacon cheese burgers all day? Please don’t, we beg you!

On this week’s episode we talk about all things keto. What is it? How does it work? Can it really do what people claim? Ed has been following this lifestyle for years and has learned some tips and tricks along the way. Listen as we clarify some of the common questions, concerns, and misconceptions surrounding this diet.


“I have observed many diets over the past 40 years that claimed they would do everything we want. Lose body fat, feel better, age slower, think more clearly. Most have certainly failed to live up to those expectations. However, I’ll make a prediction. The keto diet will be around as long as we are.”

-Ed Jones, The Holistic Navigator