Fatigue: Why Are You Tired All the Time?


We’re a culture of tired and stressed people. What’s the typical response when you ask someone how they are doing? They reply “I’m tired,” or “I’m busy.” Why are we all so tired all the time? Yes, life is busy and stressful, but there are many factors contributing to our fatigue, some of which may not be obvious.

On this week’s episode we speak about eight common reasons people may be experiencing fatigue. Lack of sleep is the obvious answer, but environmental factors, medications and physical dysfunction can all play a role in our sluggishness. Listen in as we offer up some simple ways for you to live your best.

“Fatigue is an epidemic today. If you don’t believe me just watch the lines at the coffee shops… When you’re feeling tired all the time, life just doesn’t have the spark or the delight that you otherwise would.”

-Ed Jones, The Holistic Navigator

Brian StricklandComment