Immune Response with Dr. Jason DuBois, Founder of Hybrid Remedies

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We’ve all heard about ways to boost your immune system. Load up on vitamin C, drink your greens, take probiotics, manage stress, eat a healthier diet. But how do we know if it’s really helping (besides maybe not getting sick)? Are there any clinically studied options?

On this week's episode we talk with registered pharmacist, Dr. Jason DuBois. Dr. DuBois is an educator and the founder of Hybrid Remedies, a natural supplement research and development company. He has transformed from one of the ultimate skeptics of dietary supplements, to one of the greatest advocates through his research. We talk about all things immune related, his rapid response immune formulations and how you can easily boost your own immune system.


“if you go into the drugstore to buy most of your remedies, including immune boosters, it’s going to treat a symptom. most of the time, IT’s not going to stimulate a journey to get better quicker and will often have unwanted side effects. ”

-Ed Jones, The Holistic Navigator

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