Probiotics: With Brenda Watson

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Probiotics have been receiving more and more attention lately, with good reason. They can drastically change the state of our health and are key components to many of the body’s functions. Although they may serve to improve your digestive health, they also have the ability to improve your skin, cognitive health, heart health, and can help boost your immune system.

On this week's episode we’re excited to have Brenda Watson on the show. Brenda is a gut health expert, with a career spanning the last 20 years of educating people on the importance of keeping your gut healthy and happy. She’s an author, educator, public speaker and TV host that is passionate about about sharing her own experiences in an effort to improve the digestive function of everyone she meets.

“You can’t take too many probiotics. for example, if someone was dealing with c-diff, that is Clostridium difficile an antibiotic resistant bacteria, i’ve had people take up to 200 billion in potency twice a day to get rid of it.”

-brenda watson, world renowned gut health expert

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