The Cholesterol Myth: Deciphering Fact From Fiction


Cholesterol has long been heralded as one of the primary indicators of heart disease and cardiovascular health. However, more research is surfacing that says that might not be the case. Americans have an epidemic of high cholesterol, that can be mostly attributed to a poor diet, but what if something else was responsible for our deteriorating cardiovascular health.

On this week’s episode we examine the roles cholesterol plays in the body. It’s often reduced to the waxy buildup in arteries, but actually plays multiple important roles in various systems. We speak about the vast consumption of statin drugs, possible alternatives, 17 risk factors of heart disease developed by Life Extension, and what can be done if you’re concerned about elevated cholesterol levels or your own cardiovascular health.



“The reason cholesterol is in the arteries is because of a damage incurred in the artery lining. So the body in it’s tremendous wisdom is pulling together the materials to patch the inflammation and damage that is occurring in the artery lining.”