A Health Nut's Guide to Eating Out


Making wise decisions concerning your health while eating out can be really difficult. You enter the restaurant and gaze longingly at the fried everything, pasta, or maybe fluffy pancakes topped with whipped cream. Our tastes buds scream out in unison, “GIVE US ALL THOSE THINGS.” We’ve all been there.

Sometimes making the wisest diet concerning your nutrition begins with denying yourself certain foods. Sometimes it looks like doing the best you can with what you’ve got. Whatever the case, we want to help empower you stop and think about what you’re putting in your body when dining out. On this episode we depart slightly from our typical format to really focus on diet and nutrition, specifically when eating out. We talk about useful ways to trick your brain into making better decisions, how to ask difficult questions of the establishment, and how it's sometimes okay to bring in a LITTLE of your own food.



“I’ve come up with a game plan that can help people process the choices at restaurants. Because it is an organized mental process to determine what you should choose.”

Brian StricklandComment