Part 1: The Importance of Proper Nutrition and Product Certifications with Amber Lynn Vitale, BA, CN


The world of dietary supplements, organic and non-GMO foods, and nutrition can be complex and confusing. People are often left with more questions than they began with when beginning to research “how to get healthy.” Are we able to trust every claim on the label? Is it really that important to find whole food sourced supplements and organic food? Where should I look to find TRUSTWORTHY information?

On this week’s episode we talk with Garden of Life Regional Educator, Amber Lynn Vitale. Amber is a certified nutritionist, Ayurveda specialist, and many of her years of practice have been in conjunction with functional medicine specialists. Amber and Ed speak about the importance of critical thinking concerning supplements, the benefits of whole food supplements, and how a consumer can cut through the marketing and find effective products that will be beneficial for their health. Part 2 of this conversation will be available next week!

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“Both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine talk about the gut as the origin of health and disease. It all starts in the digestive tract… So what would make the difference more than anything else? What you eat.”

-Amber Vitale, BA, CN