My Personal Supplement Regimen

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Supplementation can have a drastic effect on your health. It can help with nutrient deficiency, prevent chronic disease and support the body’s many systems. The hardest part about beginning any supplementation regimen is starting and planning ahead. The average individual probably doesn’t need to take 80 pills a day, but there are a few supplements that may prove to be helpful regardless of age, fitness level or lifestyle.

On this week’s episode we speak with Ed about his personal supplementation regimen and the calculated approach he takes towards optimal health. We talk about the CORE 5 supplements, a great starting point for anyone curious about supplementation, and all the areas supplementation can be beneficial in your own life.

Click here to see the full list of what Ed takes daily.

“Most things that have ever been written, spoken or taught, especially in medical school, were looking at nutrients to overcome deficiency diseases. That is the minimal part of why i supplement.”

-Ed Jones, The Holistic Navigator