Five Questions With Dr. Joseph Mercola


Dr. Mercola is an osteopathic physician, multiple New York Times best-selling author and one of the largest voices challenging traditional health care. In 1997 he created his website, which is not only one of the largest resources on holistic healing available on the web, but also a great place to find trusted and effective natural products to help you achieve optimal health.

On this week's episode we invited Dr. Mercola to speak with us on few questions concerning some of the common health challenges that people face today. The keto diet, leaky gut and how to repair the gut, sleep and insomnia, how to prevent common illness and what to take when you’re already ill, and how to extend your life.

Welcome (1:00)

The Keto Diet (6:00)

Intermittent Fasting (11:38)

Keto and cholesterol (15:10)

Leaky gut (19:00)

Sleep, Insomnia and EMF (24:28)

How to prevent illness and favorite immune boosting supplements (33:30)

Internal clock and life extension (39:43)

Ed Jones and Dr. Mercola

Ed Jones and Dr. Mercola

“One of the most powerful metabolic interventions you can do is fasting. Historically we’ve been doing it for time immemorial. It’s a part of every major religion in the world and has been for many, many centuries. It wouldn’t persist if there wasn’t some value. Aside from the spiritual perspective, there’s an enormous physical benefit.”

-Dr. Joseph Mercola