The Truth About GERD: 6 Easy Steps to Reduce Acid Reflux


Many of us have felt the uncomfortable symptoms associated with GERD. The rising of acid into the esophagus is an annoyance at best, but the constant presence of that acid can pose some serious health risks over time. Traditional methods consist of combating reflux with PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors), but while doctor’s prescribe them for long term use they’re only meant for short term use. If conventional methods are unsafe for long term use and GERD can flare up at a moments notice, what can be done to help minimize the symptoms?

On this week’s episode Ed discusses some of the common causes of GERD including diet, lifestyle and even physical movements that can increase your risk of reflux. He then lays out a simple six step approach that anyone can easily incorporate into their daily routine.

“Is GERD dangerous? It is if it’s long term. The reason being the esophagus is a very tender part of the system. When you put acid on something, it doesn’t have a mucus layer that can block the damage from the acid.”