Fish vs Krill: A Conversation with Dr. Mike Smith of Life Extension


Similar in function, fish oil and krill oil have long been lauded for their many health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acid chains are an essential nutrient and should be part of everyone’s dietary supplement toolkit, but remember QUALITY is everything. Poor quality omega-3 supplements are some of the few supplements that could potentially do more harm than good.

On this episode, Ed sits down with Dr. Mike Smith of Life Extension. Dr. Smith is an author, national spokesperson and senior health scientist for Life Extension. Ed and Dr. Smith discuss the key differences between fish and krill oil, the implications of chronic inflammation, how to increase your omega-3 blood levels, and how to choose a quality omega supplement.

“I consider omega-3’s to be a foundational supplement. This is Something everyone should be taking, regardless of what your goals are or what you’re doing. This is really that important.”

-Dr. Mike Smith of life Extension