Yup. Let the potty humor begin.

Let’s just all go ahead and admit that talking about poop is uncomfortable, and funny at times. But when someone is suffering from chronic constipation, there are few smiles to be found. Constipation can be downright painful and dangerous if unaddressed and continues to become more common as time progresses.

On this week's episode, Ed speaks about the varying reasons people experience constipation and why it can be detrimental to your heath. Topics include the dangers of chronic constipation, why it's important to examine your stool, why the longstanding traditional methods can do more harm than good, and natural means to make you go when you to the most.

“Constipation isn’t just limited to the uncomfortable feelings that come along with not evacuating like pressure and other symptoms. It’s actually inhibiting a vital function of the human system, the gut lining.”