How To Pick the Correct Prenatal Vitamin, Supplementing While Pregnant and the Truth About Detox


We live in a crazy world full of toxins that are often incorporated into products that we use every day. Prenatal vitamins and many other supplements are sadly no exception to this. When choosing a prenatal vitamin, it’s vitally important to choose a clean, organic product with the RIGHT forms of nutrients for you and your baby. But even if we’re choosing the correct supplements, what should we do about the thousands of various toxins we’re exposed to every day?

On this week’s episode we depart from our typical format to bring you a question and answer conversation. We discuss the importance of finding clean supplements, particularly prenatal vitamins, as well as the importance of the detoxification process and how it works.

“detox is a complex issue made simple by the p450 system in the liver. The system has two sections, phase 1 and phase 2. if it’s optimal, it could almost take any chemical and run it through these processes and turn it into water. ”