A Holistic Approach to Fighting Sickness


We've all been there. The dreaded scratchy throat, congestion, and draining sinuses begin to appear. We assume the worst and prepare our selves for the long fight ahead. What if it didn't have to be this way? Have you considered your natural options before reaching for the bottle of blue liquid that will knock you out?

There are many factors that either help or harm our chances of infection including: our diet (read how much sugar we eat), our stress levels, our environment, mold, and many more. In this episode, Ed discusses some practical ways to not only guard against infection, but also holistic options that can help increase your immune response and give your body the fighting chance it deserves.

"We are killing ourselves with carbohydrates…When you’re eating a lot of carbohydrates you’re spiking your insulin blood levels. When insulin levels are shooting up and down, you’re disrupting the immune system terribly.”

Brian StricklandComment