The Incredible Healing Power of Manuka Honey with Mike Everly


Manuka is arguably the world’s most expensive honey and is becoming more popular by the minute. Most people love honey because of it’s natural sweetness and seeming ability to make just about anything taste good, but manuka honey is renowned for it’s more practical uses and healing properties. Never heard of it? Well that’s okay, you will soon. It’s most popularly known for it’s uses in wound care, but also has many immune boosting properties if taken internally.

On this week’s episode we talk to a true expert about manuka honey, Mike Everly, founder of Bees and Trees Manuka Honey. Mike started Bees and Trees after living in New Zealand from 2009-2012. They produce small batch, unblended, pure manuka honey from hive straight to jar. Mike walks us through some of the basics when selecting a honey, how it works to heal the body, and how you can use it to help limit illness and infection.

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“It posseses a very potent and a very broad spectrum anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties. that’s what enables manuka honey to be effective with a host of wellness and healing issues and challenges.”


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