A Functional Approach to Leaky Gut, feat. Meredith Mason, MSN, APRN, NP-C


Your gut is important. It’s responsible for the majority of your immune system, nutrient absorption and can even contribute to your brain your chemistry. Chances are you know some one who has leaky gut or have experienced some of the symptoms yourself. Medications, even common over the counter drugs, are the the main contributor to this systemic problem, but it can even be traced back to something as simple as the foods we eat.

In this episode we speak with Meredith Mason, a Nurse Practitioner in Chattanooga, TN and founder of BRIO Integrative Medicine. Ed and Meredith discuss why leaky gut has become such a wide spread problem and the “4 R’s” of functional healing for leaky gut:

  • REMOVE harmful medications, problematic foods, pathogenic species.

  • REPLACE the essential enzymes and acids to break food down properly.

  • REINOCULATE the gut with beneficial bacteria with a QUALITY probiotic.

  • REPAIR the damage with micronutrients, l-glutamine, zinc carnosine, collagen and other anti-inflammatory agents.

“I believe that all health starts in the gut. It’s the foundation. It’s where we digest our food, take in micronutrients and assimilate them. If we have problems there we’re never going to reach optimal health.”

-meredith mason, np-C

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